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Marketing in Action Case Real Choices at Lexus

Marketing in Action Case Real Choices at Lexus


The main decision currently facing Lexus is the possible change in the attitude the company has towards its customers. It appears that Lexus has moved away from its focus on the needs of the consumer. The above is a very significant issue for Lexus as a company as its success intended to highlight the requirements and needs of its customers. Any form of discrepancy negatively impacts its sales. This is evident in the case of Model 2007 Lexus LS 460 Sedan where it the producers of this model succumbed to the effect of new frills  (Solomon, Marshall, and ‎Stuart, 2011). The move resulted to the creation of features that were unnecessary in the model. The result was an increase in the overall cost of the car and not convenience and usability.

To understand the problem facing the company, it is important to take into consideration and analyze the origins. The origin was the creation of LS 460 Advanced Parking Guidance System that was meant to help in parallel parking  (Solomon, Marshall, and ‎Stuart, 2011). But practically, the model is supposed to have a parking space of about six feet longer compared to the car hence it is not useful in the tight spots in the cities, and the system is not operational on downward inclines. The factors that influenced the situation above were a study that was insufficient about the new system in the model and of the needs of consumers.

The alternative to the situation currently facing Lexus can be reviewing how the model was priced and employing effective adverting model. This way, Lexus will be paying attention to the other features of the model that are necessary and desired by the customers. Looking at the development and history of Lexus, it is evident that the employees of the company have done an incredible work, especially when it comes to market research. Getting into this luxury environment is significant as it is the only way to determine what consumers from this society need and what they expect from any car  (Solomon, Marshall, and ‎Stuart, 2011).

The company believes that the programme was the only one of such a kind to be adopted by a prestige manufacturer. This notion gave Lexus the mentality that it will result in important associated benefits in helping the company come up with even more efficient and better services to its customers. This approach enabled Lexus, in a short period, to conquer the worldwide market automotive segment. At this time, customer satisfaction that was world-leading, engineering innovation and meticulous design were Lexus hallmarks, and this was reflected by the rising global sales  (Solomon, Marshall, and ‎Stuart, 2011).

Lexus luxury is conspicuous as the aim of the company is to be the progressive luxury benchmark. This benchmark is measured not only by the market share or the highest volume sales, but by being in a position to win the mind and hearts of the individual consumers. The vision of Lexus is not just to be the largest company, but to stand out as the most special before the customers. The company treats each of its customers as it would treat a guest at home ( (Solomon, Marshall, and ‎Stuart, 2011)

After analyzing the case study of Lexus, my recommendation is that the company sticks to its basic principles that have enabled it to attain its success for all this years. A car should be looked at as good wine in the sense that it can absorb new discoveries, new ideas while at the same time not changing its main taste and ingredients. Lexus has managed to establish itself as part of the luxury cars main producers.  Most of the current luxury owners tend to have bought a car previously, and this implies that the customer has possibly developed some  attitude towards the car.

In such a case, the attitude of the customer becomes evaluating judgment whether the customer desires or not and the judgment is based on present or prior experience like previous satisfaction from services and products or from dealers, driving experience and customer’s socio-economic status.  It is also likely that an attitude that can be developed basing on prior information but lacks experience, as when the customers develop biases or preferences against or for brands on the basis of the image of the brand in the market place.

The above also largely depends on the individual customer purchasing power. Consumers may also have a favorable attitude towards some luxury car manufacturer, but don’t have the ability as a result of the insufficient purchasing power or not being willing to buy the product  (Solomon, Marshall, and ‎Stuart, 2011).

On the other hand, the manufacturers of lower-priced cars or luxury cars may be neglected by consumers who have high power to purchase. In the case of Lexus, the automatic parking space was not really useful to most of its customers, so the company should have taken time to introduce this feature until it had worked out all the systems’ kinks.

Considering the demand side, the consumers are now market literate and well knowledgeable especially when it comes to luxury cars.  They perceive brands to be part of their lives, a representation of the wants and needs in the consumer constellation.  The current marketers only have to advertise a product when it is a new model.

This has gone to the level where the top luxury manufacturers are trying to level up their brand using the post modern approach like brand as policy and brand as the company. With such an approach, the manufacturers are aware of the customers’ cynicism and remain cautious about their actions that may affect public value and customer negatively or positively.

Lexus needs to reconceive its physical products as services and products and reassure their dealers to maintain, create and capture customer values. The company is operating in an era where manufacturers can gain a competitive edge through focusing on consumers value-building an actual bond with the customers.

This way, the customers will purchase products repeatedly, recommend the brand to family and friends, and to withstand the effectiveness of the marketing of other manufacturers. Manufacturers have to put into consideration the fact that consumers may change their opinion even if their initial attitude constellation is still there. Such kind of involuntary changes is often compelled by situational influences.

Lexus needs to avoid such change of attitude among customers because its costs money and time to come up and provide offerings which satisfy unfamiliar and new customers wants, needs, and expectations  that are ruled by the customers perceptions. Satisfaction is a major influence on the revised attitude of the customers that is also influenced by the attitude they had earlier towards a particular brand. This situation can be easily achieved by effective marketing strategies.










 Solomon, ‎R., Marshall, G and ‎ Stuart, E  (2011) Marketing in Action Case Real Choices at Lexus. New York: Prentice Hall



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